• Q: How do I sign up for Coffee With Dawni?

    A: Go to coffeewithdawni.com and enter your information and payment details in the form at the bottom. Select which rewards tier you want, and checkout. You will be emailed a temporary password which you can reset once you log in. To view the courses you are enrolled in click on “Dashboard” in the top right.

  • Q: I can’t sign in to my account, what should I do?

    A: First, make sure you are trying to sign in to the Coffee With Dawni platform, which is found at - courses.coffeewithdawni.com. If you go straight to www.coffeewithdawni.com you will find our landing page for new potential members. On that landing page there is a green button that says “Member Login,” which will take you to the sign in page for courses.coffeewithdawni.com. If you are in the right place and you still can’t sign in, try resetting your password by clicking “Forgot password?” and then entering your email. If for some reason that is not working, email us at coffeewithdawni@gmail.com so we can see what’s going on, and if necessary, reset your password for you.

  • Q: How do I view all the courses I’m enrolled in?

    A: Once you are signed in, to view the courses you are enrolled in click on “Dashboard” in the top right.

  • Q: How do I watch past episodes of Coffee With Dawni?

    A: If you have purchased the back catalog of Coffee With Dawni you can watch it by going to your dashboard where you will see the courses you are enrolled in. All past episodes are sorted by seasons, so you will see a course called "Coffee With Dawni - Season 1" and "Coffee With Dawni - Season 2" etc. On the thumbnail, just click "start course" (or "resume course" if you're already started it) and you will be taken to the course player to view the videos.

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  • Still Have Questions?

    You can always reach out to us with any questions or comments by emailing coffeewithdawni@gmail.com.